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The 5 Best Plugins To Improve WordPress Security

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The 5 Best Plugins To Improve WordPress Security
1 Dec

The 5 Best Plugins To Improve WordPress Security

WordPress Security is an increasingly large concern due to its crazy popularity and open source nature. It is driven by one of the most robust design communities online today. It’s popularity makes it super powerful. It also makes it susceptible to ongoing security issues. If you use WordPress, try one of these five plugins to keep your site locked down.

If you’ve ever started a blog or have a website of any kind, you’ve probably heard of WordPress. If you haven’t, WordPress is one of the most popular open source website building and managing tools and is used by millions of people around the world. By being open source anybody can edit and modify the code on the WordPress platform to fit the needs for their website. It also means that the ever expanding WordPress community is constantly creating new themes and plugins, most of which are free to use.

While this does make WordPress an excellent, customizable tool, it also makes the open software a target for hackers. Security patches are constantly being made for WordPress to protect users from potential threats, but even these are not enough to keep your website safe. Back in September of 2015, over 5,000 WordPress websites were hacked in the course of two weeks by a malware attack known as “VisitorTracker”. To ensure that your WordPress site is safe you should keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date and also consider installing and activating a powerful security plugin that will further protect your site from malware.

Plugins are small pieces of software that can be uploaded to your WordPress site and activated to increase and expand your website’s performance. Some plugins come free to users, while others are available at a cost. Here are our 5 picks for the best WordPress security plugins, both free and paid:

1. All in One WordPress Security (free)

All in One WP Security is one of the most popular free security plugins available. What makes this plugin so popular is its grading system, which makes it easy to see what areas of your website are vulnerable to hacker attacks. With this plugin you will also be able to prevent Brute Force login attacks (attacks that try to guess passwords by inputting as many passwords as possible), by adding a limit to login attempts. Along with a basic firewall, All in One WP Security also comes with a setting to detect file changes and an ability to blacklist users based on an IP address or proximity to an IP address. The list of features goes on and customer satisfaction is shown with over 200,000 installations.

Check out All In One WordPress Security here

2. WP Security Manager ($17)

WP Security Manager provides you with a long list of security solutions all in one easy to install plugin. With this plugin, users will be protected from malicious IPs, Brute Force login attacks, and bots. Bots can become problematic on your site if hackers create several fake accounts to spam your website with links leading to malicious software. WP Security Manager stops pesky bots from spamming your site with logins, registration and comment forms. Also, WP Security Manager comes with a built in detection system that will alert users to suspicious login activities.

Check out WP Security Manager here

3. iThemes WordPress Security (free & premium versions)

iThemes WordPress Security

The iThemes Security dashboard.

With both a free and a premium version, there is really no excuse to not have iThemes Security on your website. Like most big security plugins for WordPress, iThemes Security comes with a bunch of features to protect against many of the most common security threats. With this plugin users will get Brute Force protection, the ability to hide admin and login pages and to lock out users who fail to login too many times. The plugin will also enforce the use of strong passwords and monitor core files. The premium version of iThemes Security starts as low as $80/year and includes 12 months of support, updates and over 30 different premium security options.

Check out iThemes WordPress Security here

4. Wordfence (free & premium versions)

Wordfence has been downloaded over 14 million time and offers many useful security features. With Wordfence users will be able to block various IP addresses and countries from accessing their website. You will also have access to two-factor authentication, custom alerts, and scans for file changes. Most importantly, Wordfence provides a web application firewall (WAF) that identifies malicious traffic and blocks attacks before they get to your website. All of these security options and more come for free, but a premium version is available with advanced scanning options. For a one year license it will cost users $59.

Check out Wordfence here 
Wordfence WordPress Secutiry

5. BulletProof WordPress Security (free & premium versions)

BulletProof Security is easy to install with a one-click setup wizard and comes loaded with features. All users have access to login security and monitoring, full database backups and more. The firewalls that come with all versions of this plugin protect users from over 100,000 different kinds of malicious attacks. BulletProof Security pro starts at a one time cost of $59.95 and adds many more features such as anti-spam, automated white-listing, real-time file monitor and more.

Check out BulletProof WordPress Security here
Plugins are an effective way of expanding your website’s functionality, but they also come with security risks. Make sure that you protect your website with some of the many WordPress security plugins that are available. Also, make sure to backup your website before installing a plugin, as their code has been known to break websites, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If security still worries you, let us take care of it for you with HostPapa’s Sitelock service. Sitelock comes equipped with advanced security scanning, a verifiable trust seal and an early detection system.

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