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Things to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down
3 Sep

Things to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down

Your WordPress website isn’t static. It’s constantly growing and changing. You may add features by installing a new plugin, modify your custom CSS files, or make other changes. If you get carried away, you may accidentally cause your WordPress website to crash or stop working otherwise. It’s not something that happens often, but it is possible. WordPress CMS powers nearly a quarter of all websites on the internet, and the developer community that creates themes and plugins for it is highly talented and writes quality code. Under normal circumstances, your website will...

27 Sep

10 WordPress Features You Need to Know About

If you have your own website, there’s a good chance that it’s run on WordPress. In fact, 28% of all websites around today are. So many people using the same CMS means a lot are going to look for help. The WordPress Dashboard is packed full of features for your content and website to use, but not all of them are obvious for a beginner or everyday user. Below are 10 features that you may not know existed, but can help using WordPress a whole lot easier:   1. Help tab In your dashboard,...