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4 Jan

Three Rules for Creating CTAs That Convert

Why do you build a website, write an email, or create a marketing campaign of any kind, really? It’s because you want to accomplish a certain goal. That goal can be anything. Maybe, you want to get an audience that’ll read your content or watch your videos. Maybe, you want customers that will buy your products or services. Or something else entirely. The point is this: When you create a website, or write an email, or do any kind of online marketing activity, you want people to respond to it in a specific...

Meet Ryan - Content Marketing Assistant at HostPapa
13 Feb

Meet Ryan – Content Marketing Assistant at HostPapa

Welcome to our new Employee Showcase series. Every month, we’ll introduce you to some of the many hard workers that show up every day and make HostPapa happen. From sales, to marketing, to development to customer service to IT, these are the people who are responsible for the well-oiled machine that you trust with your web hosting. Ryan Juraschka - Content Writer and Marketing Assistant Ryan is like the baby brother we always wanted! He’s been working here at HostPapa for almost two years now (more than a year of which has...