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The Best Businesses to Follow on Social Media

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31 May

The Best Businesses to Follow on Social Media

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

To get an idea of how to post and interact with people on social media it’s always a good idea to look at the best businesses on each platform. Look at what these businesses post, when they post, how they interact with other users and you’ll get an idea of how to achieve success on the social media platforms that they are on.

Below are some of our favorite businesses to follow on the most popular social media platforms because of their content, interactions, and overall presence:



Whole Foods


What do they do well?

Whole Foods does a great job of marketing their products through their Twitter without spamming. You don’t get just under 5 million followers by posting junk after all. Whole Foods gathers their customers’ interests by posting tips, recipes, deals, and videos that will help their customers eat whole and healthy meals.


What you want to take away from this Twitter account is to not just spam your products into your Twitter feed. It’s important to post helpful information that people will actually want to read and then followers are more likely to tolerate your Tweets about products appearing in their Twitter feed.




What do they do well?

JetBlue’s Twitter is all about customer service. No matter the time of the day JetBlue is interacting with every person that mentions them in a Tweet to ensure that their customers know that they are being heard.

What makes JetBlue’s Twitter so effective is that they take care of all of their customer service inquiries as fast as possible and they respond with humor when they have the opportunity. Take a look at how JetBlue answers customer queries and see how your business matches up on your own social media profiles.





What do they do well?

You might be wondering how interesting a technology company’s Instagram account could be? If you’re following Intel, the answer is surprisingly interesting. Intel’s account is great because they are very creative with their posts. They share scientific facts, behind the scenes pictures and best of all they show how their products are being used by others.

What you can really learn from Intel’s page is to let your customers be your best advertisers. Rather than just posting pictures about what their products can do, Intel gets the story of how their products have helped their customers. Getting some customer perspective posts for your social media accounts can be a great way to expand your social media presence.


Virgin America

What do they do well?

Virgin America lets you see all of their adventures around the world through their Instagram account. They show you insights into what it’s like to work for their company with behind-the-scenes footage and in-depth looks into their many initiatives. What they do best, however, is interacting with their followers.


Virgin America can often be seen encouraging their followers to share photos using a hashtag or mentioning the Virgin America account. This is a great way to have more people come and check out your page while at the same time building an audience. When you post something, don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they think, or get them to share their own experiences.




What do they do well?

If you have a limited product line and want to see how to garner interest from customers look no further than Nutella. Nutella essentially has a single product, yet they have accumulated over 31 million likes and follows on their Facebook page.

To make up for their lack of products, Nutella provides their followers with a wide variety of content. If you scroll through their feed you will find many short videos of different ways to prepare their hazelnut spread, along with challenges and contests to keep people engaged. All of their posts are full of reactions and comments, so take some time and try to follow Nutella’s strategy for posting on Facebook.



What do they do well?

Threadless is a clothing company that does a great job seamlessly integrating some of their website features onto their Facebook page. Followers and viewers can often see new t-shirt designs and participate in polls to vote on which design they would like to see available next. Depending on if a visitor is interested in their products, they can easily switch from looking at the Facebook page to shopping on the company’s main website.

Having a page with thousands of likes is not of any use without some kind of call to action. Use Threadless as an example and take a look at your own Facebook page to see if your customers can seamlessly switch between your page and your website.

The main points that we want you to take away from this article are:

  • Consistently interact with your customers on all of your social media accounts, quickly and professionally. Provide customer service, but also, don’t be afraid some fun with your responses when you have the opportunity, as long as your responses are appropriate.
  • Post engaging content. Nobody wants to have their social media pages filled with a never ending trail of advertisements. Post things that your customers will want to read or look at and then you will find your viewers to be much more tolerable of your ads.
  • Integrate your accounts with your website. If you have people interested in your social media profile, chances are they are interested in your business too. Make it easy for them to seamlessly move between social media accounts and your website.

There are many different social media platforms around today with new ones popping up every day so it can be difficult to properly manage each one. After creating an account that works for your industry the next best thing you can do is to look at successful businesses on each platform and see how they achieved success. Look at which posts get the most likes, favorites, and shares. Take note of the posts that are ignored and try to get an idea of what a successful page layout looks like. Learn how the most successful businesses interact with their customers and even take note of how other businesses fail. By learning the ropes about social media you’ll be well on your way to creating successful profiles.

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