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27 May

How to Migrate From Squarespace to WordPress – A Complete Guide

If you want your business to expand and grow, you need a reliable online presence, and nothing shows credibility like a good website.  With Squarespace, you can easily make your online store or portfolio website with ready-made templates, but customization and flexibility are not Squarespace's strong suits. As a result, many users go for a better and more customizable platform, WordPress.  Squarespace VS WordPressWhy You Should Consider Moving From Squarespace to WordPressThings to Consider Before Migrating from Squarespace to WordPress6 Steps To Migrate From Squarespace to WordPressExport Squarespace ContentImport Content from Squarespace...

25 May

How to Fix Deceptive Site Ahead and Other Warnings on Your Website

When visitors land on your website and see a Google warning message that says "Deceptive site ahead" or "The site ahead contains malware," it can negatively impact your website and company. Imagine working hard on your website SEO and making your site land on the top search engine result page only to be met with one of these warning messages, ending in loss of traffic and possible business opportunity. Even though these messages can be unnerving, there are ways to fix "deceptive site ahead" and other warnings on your website. In this...

How to edit your video to increase popularity
19 May

Video: How to Edit to Grow your Popularity – Guide 2022

According to Statista, the global income for social media platforms in 2021 is estimated at $42 billion. Companies are beginning to understand that many entrepreneurs use social networks to increase revenue. Video marketing allows meeting the needs and requirements of your audience. To produce engaging video content, you need to capture professional footage and learn how to edit videos to grow in popularity. Follow these steps to keep your video viewers engaged! Experiment with Different Video Lengths and Choose the Optimal OnePay Attention to Post-ProductionCorrect the Colour Scheme of Your Clips to...

17 May

Your Complete Guide On Creating And Selling Online Courses

Think of a career or field you’re fascinated with, then search for it online with the words “online course” next to it. Chances are you'll find at least one online course dedicated to that subject.  One of the primary reasons for this is that digital learning has become a booming industry. In fact, the e-learning industry will grow to a jaw-dropping $1 trillion by 2027. There’s never been a better time to create and sell online courses. That said, creating and selling online courses is not a walk in the park. Creating...

12 May

How to Optimize Your Site for Google’s Core Web Vitals

With Core Web Vitals, Google is on a mission to improve the overall performance of the web. Why? Because Google's business is primarily web-based - slow websites and web applications cause users to return to native applications. Your position in Google search results is heavily influenced by the keywords associated with the search term, the use of those keywords within your page, and the popularity of your page as measured by the number (and quality) of links pointing to it from other sites. What are Core Web Vitals?Tips to Improve Core Web...

11 May

How to Migrate Your Website From Joomla to WordPress

Joomla is home to millions of websites and a massive community of people. This open-source platform is easy to customize, and you can use it to easily take advantage of internet marketing strategies. However, while you grow your business, you may feel the need to migrate to a more flexible and robust program, like WordPress. While they have the same purpose, WordPress and Joomla greatly differ in their features, use, and functions. Let’s look at the contrast. Joomla VS WordPressWhy Migrate from Joomla to WordPressWhat You Should Consider Before the MigrationHow...