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15 Feb

13 Ways to Improve Your Product Pages

Creating an eCommerce business is no longer the technical challenge it used to be. Almost anyone can design and build a website with eCommerce functionality helping others buy products online. If you already have a physical store, going online to expand your market reach is the obvious next step. An online presence will open up markets you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Sometimes, making your products available online means taking your brand to the international stage. Imagine being able to sell products online and not expecting people to come by your...

12 Feb

How to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe in 2019

This is a guest post by Gary Stevens. Gary Stevens is a front end developer. He's a full time blockchain geek and a volunteer working for the Ethereum foundation as well as an active Github contributor. As the most popular web publishing platform and content management system in the world, WordPress has many features that web designers, developers, and administrators have come to love over the years. But such widespread popularity brings with it some major security concerns. The security issues involving WordPress are similar to the ones that plague Microsoft Windows....

8 Feb

7 Steps to Setting Up a Successful Online Store

Starting an online store can seem like a monumental task. There’s a long, intimidating To Do list: Think of a domain name. Choose a hosting package. Buy a shopping cart service. Install a website theme. Add products. Take pictures. The list goes on and on! If you don’t have a clear path in front of you, getting all this done can feel impossible. But when you divide a task (even one as big as this) into steps, doing it becomes much easier. This article is a 7-step, easy-to-follow guide that will show you...

Five Easy Steps for Writing an Effective Contact Page
5 Feb

Five Easy Steps for Writing an Effective Contact Page

When customers land on your website, there's a common routine that most will follow. They’ll scan the home page, and they’ll check out the pages that describe your products and services. Then, after reading through the testimonials and FAQ’s, many customers will have seen all they need and will be prepared to do business with you. But, for some website visitors, there’s one additional step. Before they can click one of your many CTAs, they have a few questions that need to be answered. Users in that position need one thing—they need to...

How to Write an FAQ Page
1 Feb

How to Write an FAQ Page That Your Customers Will Love

We’ve all been there. You’re visiting a favorite brand’s website, but instead of buying (or even really shopping), you’re scouring the site for some needed information. The worst part of that experience is that the information you need is usually something pretty basic, and it should be very easy to find. Times like that are when you wish there was a simple FAQ page to give you the exact answer you’re looking for. An FAQ page is an excellent place to share information on a website. When it’s created properly, an FAQ...

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website
31 Jan

Infographic: Getting Free Traffic to Your Website

Advertising is definitely a fast and efficient way to drive traffic to your website. However, there are plenty of ways to get traffic for free. When we say free, we mean it won't cost you money, but it will require time and effort. The good thing about it is that, if done properly, it's a gift that keeps on giving. The things you do to get visitors now, can keep on driving traffic to your website for many years. And it won't cost you anything. In this infographic, we cover some...