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15 Nov

A Great Ecommerce Site… From the Customer’s Point of View

If you are running an ecommerce business, you know how important it is to have a well-designed and well-serviced website. It’s often challenging to run an ecommerce website successfully, since there are so many elements to consider. After all, you’re not just presenting your company to visitors, you are also running your business through your website - including taking orders, accepting payments, providing delivery information, and more. While you may be personally acquainted with how your website functions, it is also necessary to take into account how easy it is for...

25 Oct

So You’ve Got a Website, Now What Do You Put On It?

So you know that you need a website — good. Maybe you've even set up the site: bought the domain and hosting. But now that it's there, what do you do with it? You put up all main basic pages: About Us, Contact Us, Products/Services, FAQ. Now what? Does it stop there? Far from it. In fact, if it does stop there your site is not liable to attract interest. A site with little content is little of a site at all, and before you can start marketing and promoting your...

18 Oct

Increase Sales Using Pinterest

Do you have zillions of followers on Pinterest but haven’t seen any increase in sales? You’re not the only one. Learn how to make the most out of social marketing—before everyone else figures it out too. The same age-range (25-44) known for their compulsive shopping habits, are the overwhelming majority on Pinterest. Businesses have been quick to hone in on this, using the simple pin-boards as a free marketing device. Still for many businesses, the idea has yet to pay off, with loads of followers and nonstop pins, there’s still little...

11 Oct

On the Subject of Subject Lines

  Subject lines can be curious things. They perhaps present no mystery if the email in question is from a relative or friend. There, the function of the little space large enough for seven or eight words is straightforward enough; a quick greeting before the email is opened, perhaps an exclamation mark or emoticon. Marketing is different. Next time you check your email, do a quick scan of the subject lines of marketing emails. Whatever the quality of the message itself, the function is less clear: clumsy, half-finished sentences; spelling and grammatical...

11 Sep

12 Social Media Blogs you MUST Read

Social Media has gone way past tweeting what you had for lunch, or poking your ex on Facebook. Now marketers all over the world have an integrated social media plan and every brand its own digital strategy. Blogging is now an essential part of an integrated social media strategy and there are a whole host of social media savvy blogs out there giving hints, tips, reviews as well as practical hands-on advice for those working in the industry or just with a passing interest in all things digital. We’ve come up...

31 Aug

5 Tips on Running a Fool Proof Email Marketing Campaign

Fearing that email will soon give in completely to social media platforms, videos, and other methods of passing information, email marketers are chomping at the bit to refresh, reinvent, or even reiterate their email strategies. Even with Facebook and LinkedIn having their own branded messaging systems, businesses can still enjoy using their corporate email or domain-based webmail services to directly market their brands or send out company messages to create a stir among colleagues. To fully wrap your mind around email marketing, imagine how you react to various print ads that...