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Why You Need To Segment Your Website Visitors
17 Jan

Why You Need To Segment Your Website Visitors

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has named personalization the marketing word of the year. And they had quite a few reasons for doing so.  According to the ANA, three of the reasons are: Personalization is what customers expect. Every current and prospective customer expects your brand to know them and to deliver what they want.Consumers are busy. Too busy to invest time in anything that's not relevant to them personally. It's all about relevancy, a.k.a. personalization. "Make it all about me."In today's world of "me, myself and I" personalization is how...

Improve Your SEO with Better URL Structures
14 Jan

Infographic: Improve Your SEO with Better URL Structures

Having a great URL structure might seem pretty straightforward, but it is oftentimes neglected, even though it is one of the key ingredients to make your website easily accessible on the internet. URLs are a necessary part of a powerful SEO strategy, so make sure you define your site’s URLs in a consistent and logical way.  Your website’s URL structure will have to be based on how your content is organized and include relevant keywords. In this infographic, you’ll get seven tips on how to best create a URL structure...

Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses
7 Jan

Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your website. But, let’s be frank here. It isn’t as easy as it used to be in the 2000s—or even in the 2010s, for that matter. Today, getting your content across and read is more and more difficult due to the explosion of low-quality, generic content, and our decreasing attention span.  But does this mean that content marketing is dead?  Absolutely not.  According to DemandMetrics, content marketing produces 3 times as many leads and costs 62% less than other traditional...

31 Dec

Infographic: How To Choose The Right Domain Name and Extension For Your Website

Choosing the right domain name and extension for your website can be quite a hassle, especially because you wouldn’t want to change it later and risk hurting your brand and search ranking. That’s why you’ll need to do your homework properly when thinking about your domain name and extension. But rest assured, we’ve got you covered! The infographic below shows you what you need to take into account in order to make the right choice for your brand. ...

24 Dec

Improve Your SEO with a Better URL Structure

Great content without the right URL is like a perfectly tuned car with no wheels—ready to drive you to success, but unable to actually take you anywhere! URLs are an integral part of an effective SEO strategy. Consider them to be one of the key ingredients to make your website easily accessible on the internet. Your site’s URLs should be defined in a consistent way that fits into a logical structure. The URL structure you decide on should reflect how your site’s content is organized and the URLs should contain the keywords...

301 Redirects: What It Is, Why Use It, And How To Use It
17 Dec

301 Redirect: What It Is, Why And How To Use It

If you’ve ever changed your mailing address from one location to another, you already know how important it is to redirect all the mail that goes out to your old address!  It’s the same with website URL changes. Missing out on the traffic that goes to your old website URL could be disastrous for your brand and disappoint your customers.  Imagine you’ve got an eCommerce store selling Christmas trees, and you’ve recently moved your website address to another URL. If all the traffic goes to the old website address and clients get...