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Make Your Pop-Ups User-Friendly
15 Apr

Video: Making Pop-ups User-friendly

The average pop-up conversion rate is 3.09% and even though it doesn't seem like a lot, when you take into account all the visitors coming to your website, it's 3% you won't want to miss out on. Check out this video to discover some best practices for page entry and exit-intent pop-ups! If you want more details, go to our full blog-post here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgbpjuJM6cU ...

Working From Home and Reducing Loneliness
13 Apr

Best Practices for Working From Home and Reducing Loneliness

Working from home can be great from several points of view, but it can also impact your productivity, or even take you down a spiral of loneliness. Whether you’ve just started on this new journey or you’ve been doing it for some time and are just getting a tad lonely, there are several ways to make it work! And communication is the key to them all! In this article, we’ll share with you a comprehensive list of best practices for working from home to fight loneliness, improve your online communication skills,...

What to do if your domain name is taken
10 Apr

What to Do When Your Domain Name Is Taken

It's a heartbreaker every time—with a flash of inspiration, or perhaps after weeks of deliberation—a business owner decides on the perfect domain name, only to discover that it's not available! But what can you do when your dream domain name is already taken? In this article, we'll go over three options: Using a similar name.Using a completely different name.Doing whatever it takes to get your first choice. One of the first two options will probably be your best bet, but it all depends on the answer to one key question:  What happens when you...

Get more customers with google my business
8 Apr

Infographic: Attract New Customers with Google My Business

Do you have a local business and are looking for more online visibility? If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to claim and verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing. This way people will find you easier when searching for nearby locations/services. Plus, it’s free, so you’ll just need to put a bit of work into it. And we’ve made it even easier! The infographic below includes the first steps on getting your GMB listing in tip-top shape. For an in-depth GMB guide, check out our...

6 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns
6 Apr

6 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has practically erased traditional forms of customer outreach. There may be a farm supply store somewhere that still sends out fliers and converts prospects standing around a cracker barrel, but the rest of us attract and groom buyers online, convert them into customers online, and keep them engaged online. The most effective forms of digital marketing are social media campaigns and email campaigns. Both approaches can get incredible results, increasing customer interactions and creating a lasting stream of conversions. They allow for highly targeted outreach, and in the case of...

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Lead Magnets
3 Apr

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Lead Magnets

Every customer is, in the beginning, a potential customer, otherwise known as a lead. It stands to reason that getting more leads will result in new customers, but how can a small business attract leads? That's one of the primary goals of online marketing. Collecting the email addresses of potential customers is the first step in many proven-effective strategies, and a common approach involves a marketing tool known as a "lead magnet." In this article, we'll cover what lead magnets are and how they can help your business, go through a couple...