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17 Mar

The Best Content Management Systems for Your Online Business

It’s always a good time to start selling online. However, we understand that starting an online business can be a terrifying prospect, especially if you’re not technically savvy. Thanks to content management systems, all you need to get started is: A domain (this will be the business name of your online store)A web hosting account that allows you to host websites on the internetAnd a focused mind to create your online website For beginners, experts recommend using WordPress hosting. WordPress is the most straightforward content management system to start your website without a developer.  What...

15 Mar

12 Best WordPress Review Plugins

This plugin comes with no free version. Three paid plans are available to choose from: Before becoming a customer, consumers want to hear what others have to say about a business. It’s easy to share reviews on your website. Thanks to WordPress plugins, customer reviews can be added to your website without code or developing a template from scratch. You can use a plugin to make your product reviews more visually appealing and search engine friendly if you post customer reviews regularly. There are numerous WordPress review plugins to choose from. In...

10 Mar

How to Be a WordPress Power User: The Basics of WP-CLI for Managed WordPress

WordPress is often considered the most convenient option for non-technical users to set up and run their websites. And that’s absolutely right. With WordPress, you can create almost any type of website without reading a single line of code. But, what does WordPress have in store for the technical user? In this post, we’ll explore WP-CLI, the WordPress command-line interface.  What is WP-CLI?How to Get WP-CLIHow to Get Started With WP-CLIWP-CLI Basics Key Takeaways  Let’s get started! What is WP-CLI? Simply put, WP-CLI is a toolkit that allows users to manage their WordPress installations from a...

8 Mar

The 10 Best Woocommerce Multi-Vendor Plugins

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs are continuously looking for new choices to help them establish the best possible marketplace for their clients. Multi-vendor marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have completely transformed the way people shop online. Because of this, they’ve sparked interest in developing similar multi-vendor websites to serve a broader range of customers. Multi-vendor markets, such as those powered by the WordPress platform, are a common sight these days. They bring together several vendors on the same platform, allowing buyers to select offerings from a variety of suppliers. Following the success...

Everything HostPapa Customers Need to Know About Microsoft 365’s Price Increase
4 Mar

Everything HostPapa Customers Need to Know About Microsoft 365’s Price Increase

March 1st marked some milestones that Microsoft has been planning for the past few years. Microsoft has increased their pricing for Microsoft 365 (e.g. Basic increasing by 20%) for the first time since its initial release in 2011. According to Microsoft, this change reflects the value that they’ve delivered to their customers for over a decade, especially in regards to communication and collaboration, security and compliance, and AI and automation.  Microsoft’s price increase means that all Microsoft resellers are forced to increase their prices, including HostPapa. In this article, we’ll walk...

How Much Will Business Insurance Cost for Your Startup?
3 Mar

How Much Will Business Insurance Cost for Your Startup?

As a startup founder, you need to look into multiple business matters at once. However, looking into other business insurance options and policies might not be at the top of your priority list. Even if you’re trying to look into business insurance for startups, it can become a struggle to find accurate and relevant information to understand insurance costs for your startup.  Besides, considering how sales-oriented the insurance industry is, finding unbiased information to help you reach the right decision for your business can become even more challenging. To help you out,...