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Meet Ryan – Content Marketing Assistant at HostPapa

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Meet Ryan - Content Marketing Assistant at HostPapa
13 Feb

Meet Ryan – Content Marketing Assistant at HostPapa

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)

Welcome to our new Employee Showcase series. Every month, we’ll introduce you to some of the many hard workers that show up every day and make HostPapa happen. From sales, to marketing, to development to customer service to IT, these are the people who are responsible for the well-oiled machine that you trust with your web hosting.

Ryan Juraschka – Content Writer and Marketing Assistant

Ryan is like the baby brother we always wanted! He’s been working here at HostPapa for almost two years now (more than a year of which has been spent on writing and content creation) and he’s earned himself a reputation for his dedication, adaptability and desire to learn. Hey may be a video game junkie, but we’ve never caught him getting lost in the deep world on Overwatch while on the clock… yet.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Creative, goofy, weird

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?
Do more writing in my free time.

In one or two sentences, describe your job at HostPapa:
I write and edit articles that are published here on the HostPapa blog, along with updating and posting articles to the HostPapa knowledge base. I’m also in charge of compiling all of the affiliate sales every month and communicating with the accounting department to ensure everyone is paid.

What do you like to do on your spare time?
I would like to say that I do something productive, but the truth of the matter is that I’m addicted to video games. In most of my spare time, I can be found traversing various virtual worlds on my Xbox One, either solo or with my friends in an online setting.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was very little my dad decided to introduce me to Indiana Jones and to this day it is still my favorite movie series, so naturally, I wanted to be an archaeologist. I even followed this desire into my post-secondary education where I quickly discovered that archaeology was not the profession for me.

If you could have dinner with any person (real, fiction, alive, dead) who would it be and why?
This is going to sound ridiculous, but earlier this year my younger brother made me realize that all of my role models are Transformers. When I was a kid I watched this show called “Beast Wars” and it was the coolest thing my tiny child brain had ever seen. My favorite character on the show quickly became, Rattrap. Even though this show was made for kids, it is very evident that Rattrap had some stories to tell, so that’s who I would have dinner with.

What apps do you have on your phone that you can’t live without?
Twitter, hands down. It’s how I get the majority of my news and I like to see what funny things people can write in 140 characters or less.

What desktop applications or websites do you use on a regular basis for your work and why?
Nothing really that interesting, mostly the apps within G Suite. I also like to use Thesaurus.com when I find that I’m using the same words far too often and also Grammarly to give some of my work an initial edit.

What’s one thing your coworkers might not know about you?
I run a small YouTube channel in my spare time and I’ve started streaming on Twitch.

What is your greatest memory of working at HostPapa?
The first Christmas that I was working at HostPapa for, Jaime, our CEO, took the whole company out to this Greek restaurant. The food was delicious, but the best part was seeing everyone unwind, have fun, and talk about things that had nothing to do with work.

Alexandra Sparks Hudson

Alexandra is an important part of the HostPapa content team. She lives in Montreal, reads excessively, is passionate about SEO and loves fashion. Her friends call her Sparks. You can too.

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