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17 Mar

The Best Content Management Systems for Your Online Business

It’s always a good time to start selling online. However, we understand that starting an online business can be a terrifying prospect, especially if you’re not technically savvy. Thanks to content management systems, all you need to get started is: A domain (this will be the business name of your online store)A web hosting account that allows you to host websites on the internetAnd a focused mind to create your online website For beginners, experts recommend using WordPress hosting. WordPress is the most straightforward content management system to start your website without a developer.  What...

10 Mar

How to Be a WordPress Power User: The Basics of WP-CLI for Managed WordPress

WordPress is often considered the most convenient option for non-technical users to set up and run their websites. And that’s absolutely right. With WordPress, you can create almost any type of website without reading a single line of code. But, what does WordPress have in store for the technical user? In this post, we’ll explore WP-CLI, the WordPress command-line interface.  What is WP-CLI?How to Get WP-CLIHow to Get Started With WP-CLIWP-CLI Basics Key Takeaways  Let’s get started! What is WP-CLI? Simply put, WP-CLI is a toolkit that allows users to manage their WordPress installations from a...

8 Feb

How Do You Know if a WordPress Plugin is Secure?

All WordPress websites, even the most basic, require plugins. If your site has a blog, Akismet is a must-have. Defender is a valuable security plugin. If you’re collecting leads, you need a reliable contact form. We know that these popular WordPress plugins are safe to use. Some of the most popular ones have millions of downloads, high user ratings, and developers working hard on the plugins to build a solid reputation. But when looking for a popular WordPress plugin, how do you know if it’s safe to install? In this article,...

31 Jan

The Benefits of Using Managed WordPress for Your Online Store

In the past couple of years, eCommerce has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. After 2020's digital shift, eCommerce spending grew by 80%. And while that boost is bound to drop, "20% of that boost is here to stay", according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index. As the sector grew, it became increasingly competitive, and user expectations shifted. Speed and personalization used to be nice to have, but now they're absolute musts. Your online store's performance has never been so important. And the tools you use to build...

28 Jan

The Benefits of Using Managed WordPress as a Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies face many challenges, from creating a scalable workflow to retaining clients to preventing scope creep. Most of these challenges are connected. You can’t grow your client base sustainably without a predictable and efficient workflow. Without consistent results, you can’t retain clients, and without a solid base of retainers, you’re in a disadvantaged position to refuse to give away work for free. There isn’t a turnkey solution to all of an agency’s problems. But improving your tools doesn’t hurt either. And, when it comes to managing your clients’ websites, a small...

26 Jan

The Benefits of Using Managed WordPress as a Blogger

WordPress was first released in 2003 as a content management system for bloggers. Eighteen years later, WordPress can be adapted to run almost any site but is still one of the best options to set up and run a blog. There are two ways to create a WordPress website. You can visit wordpress.com, get a monthly plan, and set up your site on Automattic's servers. Or you can get a hosting plan and install WordPress yourself. This second option is called "self-hosted WordPress.” It offers unbeatable autonomy, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. It's...