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Is time for a website refresh? Here we will answer
14 Feb

Is it Time for a Website Refresh?

First impressions are everything. You probably spent a lot of time and effort in designing the perfect website to promote your business. But once it grows, what worked when you started might not reflect your business today. Your website is typically the first stop your potential customers take to get an insight into your business and what you have to offer.  According to the article “Just Say No: 7 Website Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Conversion” by Maricel Rivera, 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business's credibility based on...

Learn how to choose and install your wordpress theme
28 Jan

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing & Installing Your WordPress Theme

Are you thinking about giving your website a new look? There is something particularly exciting about starting fresh every new year, and this is the best time to give your WordPress theme a makeover. Still, changing your website image can be a terrifying thought, especially when you're not sure how to do it. WordPress is a brilliant platform for creating and managing websites, but its most attractive feature is that it is very easy to master. The best way to start your website makeover is by taking the necessary precautions before...

8 Steps to Start a Website
21 Jan

8 Steps to Start a Website

Many bloggers and business owners have been where you are right now—in need of a website and not sure where to start. First of all, breathe in, breathe out, and relax! It's a lot easier to set up a website than you might think. This article will go over the process of creating a website in eight simple steps. We’ll start with some cautionary advice about proper planning, easing into the topics of hosting options, domain names, content management, and site design. We’ll then continue with a brief discussion on how to best...

Fundamental Web Design Principles You Need to Know
25 Oct

Fundamental Web Design Principles You Need to Know

Having an attractive and usable website is the goal of every website owner, and for people who run a small business, the look and feel of their website is of vital importance. It's where visitors create their first impressions—those brief seconds in which we accept or reject what we see on our screens. A site's design is also responsible for retaining each visitor's attention and guiding them through your content.  In this article, we’ll go over seven design principles that, if followed, will help you create a website that engages your...

Web Redesign Without Hurting SEO
18 Oct

How to Redesign Your Website Without Damaging SEO

When exhaustive keyword research and perfect SEO-focused content have put your website on the first page of search results, it is definitely something to be proud of. It takes a lot to achieve this, and there are always significant challenges along the way. Holding on to your high ranking can be just as challenging. Some site owners will see their site go from the first page of results to the second or third page and have no clue as to why it has happened. It could be caused by ignoring the latest...

Infographic header
9 Oct

Infographic: Things to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down

WordPress offers nearly limitless possibilities as a CMS. A lot of those come from various plugins and other add-ons that you can install to bring extra functionality to your website. However, when something breaks, these plugins and add-ons are often the culprits. If your WordPress website is down, there are a number of things you have to check first, to eliminate some of the worst possible options. In this infographic, we cover the most essential first steps to take. Click here to read the detailed blog post. Click on the infographic to...