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20 Sep

Overcoming Blogger’s Block and Improving Your Writing

Tennis elbow. DJ’s wrist. Blogger’s block. All unfortunate conditions are associated with a given activity. All are common. But they’re not terminal. Just like the others, a blogger’s block can be very inconvenient and can interfere with one’s livelihood. But there are techniques you can employ to deal with the condition and have you putting out the good stuff once more. What is Blogger’s Block?Don’t OverthinkGet a Sensory Fix Tackle Trending Topics Deadlines DeliverUpdate Previous Posts Call Somebody What is Blogger’s Block? It’s a well-known phrase, but not that many will know what it means to...

19 Sep

How to Advertise Yourself as a Personal Trainer

A common assumption of many personal trainers is that their superior fitness certifications and credentials alone will land them clients. This can not be further from reality. And the fact is that your personal trainer brand is just like any other business. What do all businesses need to kick start their revenue flow? That's right, they need sales brought in through the right marketing strategies.  Motivational videos and intense-looking rigorous workout routines alone won’t bring you your first few clients. To get the wheel rolling, you’ll have to constantly and intelligently...

Top 20 Affiliate Networks to Check Out
15 Apr

Top 20 Affiliate Networks to Check Out

Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to generate passive income.  If you’re a blogger, you probably already know affiliate marketing is the goldmine of our times, and this is because it offers the opportunity to create multiple recurring revenue streams. Browse any affiliate network today, and you’ll find many business owners who want to advertise their products on your blog. These networks work like marketplaces for affiliate marketers because they connect you with thousands of merchants in an instant. Whether your niche is marketing, web hosting, online learning, eCommerce, several...

24 Mar

How to Sell Health Products on Facebook

When selling health products through Facebook, pay close attention to their policies on images and ad copy. You should also consider using testimonials and video content. And instead of sending your potential buyers to a product page, you can prioritize getting their emails. You can share personalized marketing emails to guide leads through the buyer journey when you have a qualified email list, and you’ll have more upselling and cross-selling opportunities. But with Facebook having an average of 6 to 10x return-on-ad-spend, it’s no surprise that millions of advertisers use the...

The 34 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense
22 Feb

The 34 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense

As the online community continues to grow, so do business and money-making opportunities. A popular way to passively make money online is monetizing your website content. To do this, you need an advertising program that connects online advertisers to site publishers. Although you can make money through pay-per-click programs like Google AdSense, this is no longer a preferred choice for everyone.  The good news is that you can find a lot of advertising platforms as a substitute for Google AdSense. In this article, we talk about 34 top-rated recommendations as to the...

Web Design and SEO for your small business website
17 May

Web Design & SEO — How to Optimize Your Site for Top Rankings

Web design and SEO are more closely related than many website owners realize. When trying to get their site to the top of search results, most tend to focus on keyword research, creating stellar content, and getting backlinks from high-authority websites, often ignoring website design as an SEO factor. Web design affects your site's speed, appearance, usability, and accessibility on mobile devices. A good design is flexible and easy to update for SEO purposes, while a poor design can make content changes difficult. These factors impact your search engine ranking and...