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Increasing Email Subscribers – A Complete Guide

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5 Apr

Increasing Email Subscribers – A Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

A database of email subscribers is one of the simplest ways for a website to retain users and for small businesses to engage customers and increase average revenues per user. And let’s face it, retaining the customers you’ve already earned is key considering it costs five times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an old one.

Out of all the marketing options at your disposal, email marketing is not only one of the cheapest, but it generally converts more customers due to its personal nature, and the fact that people actually check their emails looking for deals, tips, and communications from their favorite companies.

If your company, blog, or non-profit organization doesn’t currently have an email list, you’re missing out on an incredible business opportunity. Sending out an email means a chance to connect with your customers. You can even compile a newsletter with local events, new products, and information about the inner workings of your company.

That said, the big question remains: Once you’ve begun collecting emails, how do you increase your email subscribers?


Why Do You Need an Email List?

Besides the fact that email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook, sending out emails have its benefits on the bottom line as well. Think about it: If you go with a provider like MailChimp, you don’t have to spend a dime until you reach the 2,000 subscriber mark. Competitors are reasonably priced, and the MailChimp monthly rate is nothing to complain about after surpassing that 2,000 thresholds.

Businesses consistently report that email marketing delivers the best conversion rates out of all marketing tactics, which is interesting considering email has been around for such as long time, and consumers are still attached to it. And that’s just it. Customers, like reserving their email for work communications, and buying products and services from companies, is often considered part of their work.

Another thing to think about is how personalized emails are to the customer. This is a form of communication that goes directly to them. We’re not talking billboards or TV ads, but a digital letter that can potentially cater entirely to that particular customer. For example, you have the opportunity to segment your email list so that only relevant information goes to the right people.

Transactional emails are the ultimate form of personalization since they often include receipts for what’s been purchased, recommended products the customer might enjoy, and a wide variety of other elements that are designed just for the individual. Not to mention, email newsletter providers offer custom tags, letting you address every single person by their first name.

The goal is to have full ownership over your branding, transactional messaging, and product recommendations. Every time someone sees your ad on Facebook they’re looking at the Facebook logo. Very few branding options are available. If you’ve ever sold items on Amazon you know that all the transactional emails include Amazon branding, Amazon links and even products recommended from other Amazon sellers.

With your own email list, you get the credit and your brand gets the exposure.


Organic Ways to Increase Subscribers

Businesses don’t only need organic email list building methods, they need simple methods. This especially applies to small businesses that don’t always have the resources for more expensive list building techniques.

Your best bet is to start to add email subscriber opt-in links everywhere you can. Throw one in your email signature, include a beautiful sign-up form on your website, and ask folks to sign up when they checkout at your retail store. This can also be done on social media networks.

Customers need incentives to sign up, so you should offer something in return, like a free eBook, exclusive coupon, or entry into a raffle. It also helps to display testimonials from users or customers who have learned things from your newsletter or received great promos.

Some other tips include:

  • Only asking for their name and email
  • Placing a subscription form under all blog posts
  • Ask people to sign up for the list using a contest
  • Guest blogging with a link to your subscribe form
  • Collecting emails during offline events


Tools and Apps to Increase Email Subscribers

A wide range of tools come in handy for increasing your email subscribers.

Here’s a list of our favorites:

HostPapa offers a long list of services to help you and your business. Take a look at what we have and see what fits your needs.

Brenda Stokes

Brenda Barron is a writer and WordPress enthusiast from southern California. Her work has appeared at WPMU DEV and Tuts+ and she blogs at Digital Inkwell.

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