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HostPapa Employee Showcase Front End Developer
12 Jan

Meet Greg – Front-End Web Developer @ HostPapa

Welcome to our new Employee Showcase series. Every month, we'll introduce you to some of the many hard workers that show up every day and make HostPapa happen. From sales, to marketing, to development to customer service to IT, these are the people who are responsible for the well-oiled machine that you trust with your web hosting.   Greg Wise - Front-End Developer and Designer It’s hard to imagine HostPapa without Greg. Sure, as one of our primary front-end web developers, he is responsible for much of the HostPapa online environment that you...

6 Crimes Santa Commits Every Christmas Eve
21 Dec

6 Crimes Santa Commits Every Christmas Eve

Christmas is a wonderful time of year full of holiday cheer, giving and general togetherness. Children are excited about the prospect of Santa Claus flying into town to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls, but, in reality, parents should be blocking the chimney and barring the doors so the old man in the red suit can’t get anywhere near their children. You read that right, forget standing in line to take a picture with Santa, instead you should be calling the authorities whenever you catch a...

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